Development of Course Materials Management Technology Platform

Rafter Adopt (Rafter 360) – Course Materials Management Technology Platform that distributes educational content to students with its innovative textbooks-in-tuition solution


As part of the academic system, professors are tasked with a lot of preparation for the next academic year. Professors create and provide purchasing departments lists of books and other learning material. After reviewing, purchasing departments connect with vendors to define the curriculum and place an order. If any item is not available, vendors offer something similar or relevant. All changes then must be approved by a professor so this chain of events is very manual and can be prone to mistakes.
With Rafter, the goal was to build a tech to optimize these tedious steps and offer automation to facilitate the purchasing process. At this stage, SoftBistro was brought in to create a new tech platform that could smoothly connect professors directly to vendors and feature various functionalities to process orders efficiently.

Key Implementations
  • Develop an algorithm to define all actions
  • Develop two interfaces: separate UI for professors and vendors.
  • Import user information
  • Safely surface large amounts of data
  • Develop automated recommendations.
  • Create features to recognize changes
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Ruby
  • HTML5  (haml)
  • CSS3 (sass)
  • JavaScript (coffescript)
  • Jquery, Jquery-ui-rails,
  • Bootstrap
  • LDAP authentication
  • MySQL
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