Digital marketing assistant

Kit CRM – an intuitive virtual marketing assistant (acquired by Shopify) helps e-commerce owners drive sales by intelligently creating targeted Facebook ad campaigns to sending personal thank you emails to customers and handling the other apps you use to manage your store.


With the rise of online stores, owners overwhelmingly invest more time in marketing activities to stay on top of their businesses. Our goal was to create an intelligent virtual assistant that would help owners in several marketing activities for one or more of their online shops. Kit needed to build an impactful tool to help arrange sales, create Facebook ads, send emails to clients and track activities in online stores. The most unique and crucial feature that sets KitCRM apart from any other automation tool is the ability to read and handle these tasks from a simple text message (SMS) or via Facebook Messenger.


After setting up the goal our team identified the challenges to be solved:

  • Compatibility with website builders;
  • Managing system via messengers;
  • Facebook advertising assistant;
  • Reporting on online store activity and ad campaigns;


  • RoR
  • Unicorn
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mandrill
  • Redis
  • Oauth
  • Facebook / Instagram API
  • Airbrake / Newrelic
  • Jquery
  • AWS
  • SASS
  • CoffeeScript
  • Capybara
  • Capistrano
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