Social Real Estate Platform

Loomlogic is a social real estate platform that allows Real Estate professionals to connect with referral agents, buyers’ agents, listing agents, lenders, and vendors. In a simple, user-friendly platform, Loomlogic manages your entire teams, lenders, and closings from one convenient location.


Our goal was to create a platform for real estate agents to simplify their daily routine by client cooperation, tracking, and automation. We had to create a CRM that would reveal and save all actions like calls, deals, transactions, etc. to engage with clients more efficiently. Our team planned to develop a software that keeps all information about a buyer in one place and be made available to agents, lenders and bank managers to providing quicker services.
The LoomLogic platform should not only show the previous interactions with the client but also enable future planning like setting up tasks, next steps and deadlines for a team.


By addressing all the clients’ challenges, we were able to set the stage for a successful project developing features to:

  • Accelerate the response time to the prospect’s request;
  • Systematize and store all information in one place;
  • Create a system for tracking engagement of agents and lenders;
  • Build out a Team management system;
  • Fulfill a client’s profile with all possible information;


  • Ruby On Rails
  • Ruby
  • Html5 (HAML)
  • Css3 (SASS)
  • JavaScript (CoffeScript)
  • JQuery, JQuery-UI-Rails, JQuery-Fileupload-Rails
  • Bootstrap
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