iOS application development

Printbox is a custom SaaS solution for businesses looking to sell customizable photo products like – photo calendars, greeting cards, photo books and albums, wall art and gifts, business cards and stationery. Their complete package contains a ready-to-go e-commerce solution for a client’s domain including the client’s branding, an editor filled with photo product templates for pre-printing and a high quality PDF file generator.  Each component was created to focus on conversions and has been tailored to accommodate both small and enterprise businesses.


Better camera quality in all our mobile phones has led to an increase in demand for processing and ordering prints directly from our devices. Having redefined the approach to the photo product business, Printbox had to keep up with technological trends and build an innovative custom mobile application for their clients’ needs. They chose SoftBistro as their reliable technology partner to develop the mobile app and utilized a dedicated team to meet all their demands.
SoftBistro was tasked with developing a native iOS application that would further simplify and automate the existing web editor included in Printbox’s complete offering. The app needed to contain features for processing photos, creating photo books and calendars, and prep photos for printing and sending.


  • Quality of photos.
    Ensure the application functions properly with fully rendered photos and in high resolution without the loss of quality.
  • Payment services.
    Create the ability and set up all the popular payment systems in demand.
  • Photo editing
    Define, install and implement the top photo editing services
  • Processing a large number of photos
    Add the ability to choose several photos for processing and printing without slowing down the app.
  • Storage
    Figure out and implement the best practice to store photos without using client’s hardware.


  • ZZArchive
  • AFNetworking
  • XCode 7
  • iOS: 7-10
  • Objective-C
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