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with powerful technologies.



SoftBistro provides clients with full stack Java capabilities. Our engineers have developed and supported more than 20 Java projects across multiple industries. We are ready to implement the most demanding web apps, mobile applications and enterprise software using Spring and Hibernate frameworks as well as other Java technologies.


More than 8 years of experience in Ruby allows us to deploy high-quality products and services quickly for e-commerce, enterprise, real estate and education industries. Our Ruby ecosystem includes Rails (ActiveRecord) and Sinatra frameworks.


PHP is an inevitable part of services we provide. Our strong knowledge of Php enables us to develop custom solutions on Codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, Cakephp. We also implement any projects on WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix, ModX. Further, we use PHPUnit, Jasmine, and Jest as core technologies for testing automation.


Our proficiency in .Net provides us with wide possibilities for implementing different applications and software solutions across various industries. With a focus on Education, we have had extensive experience in developing complex internship search services for students and universities in .Net. We actively use Asp.Net and MVC frameworks as well as the ORM entity framework.


JS is one of our most innovative and progressive technologies for frontend development. Further, JS is an integral part of every project with UI implementation which is why our team has developed thorough skills in JavaScript, Backbone, React, and JQuery.



With 5+ years of experience in iOS development, we have launched multiple projects for the education and real estate industries. Creating user friendly and robust iOS applications has been the goal for each app we have developed and our team has deep knowledge in creating native apps utilizing iOS system frameworks and Objective‐C.


Our Android expertise includes the creation of applications for education and real estate industries. We have provided full-cycle services from UI/UX design and architecture to testing. Further, our team is ready to develop any Android application including e-commerce solutions with integrated payment systems and AdMob.



Our engineers are highly skilled in the latest data technologies, tools, methodologies and techniques as well as clear understanding of our clients business needs. This experience grants us the unique skill sets to implement complex, end-to-end data solutions and easily support them. We found the most popular DBMS (Postgres, MySQL, Redshift, Mongo, Cassandra, Greenplum, Oracle, Hadoop/Hive etc.) along with top ETL pipeliners (Pentaho Kettle, Talend etc.) and data visualization platforms (Tableau, Looker, QlickView, Zoomdata, etc.) bring the most accurate forecast reporting allowing our clients to be a step ahead in their markets.


SoftBistro’s DevOps team supports 25+ projects and helps our customers to reach their goals quicker and decrease time-to-market. We utilize advanced tools like Jenkins for automation + release management and Chef for configuration management. Additionally, we apply Nagios, Zabbix, Graylog, NewRelic for monitoring systems and work with Apache, Tomcat, and NGINX servers, using AWS as the infrastructure cloud platform.

QA AutomationQA Automation

Every product we develop passes a detailed and careful testing phase before delivery to the customer. We use the most comprehensive methods for manual and automation testing. We have found Python Robot Framework, Gherkin/Cucumber, TeamCity or Jenkins as the best solutions to providing continuous integration. Further, we use JMeter and Gatling for performance and stress testing, Graylog and NewRelic for stability monitoring.

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